ATTENTION Massage School Owners/Directors

On behalf of the California Massage Schools Association (CAMSA), we are sending this letter to legislators to raise concerns with the CA Massage Therapy Act.

  • We support the elimination of the MBLEX board exam for Massage Therapy Certification. The biggest downfall of this exam is that many enrolled students are bilingual, and the test would serve only as an obstacle to them being able to get a certificate. For this reason, we believe that the use of a psychometric exam, such as the MBLEX, has a negative impact on students seeking certification and does not justifiably serve its purpose as a measure for preparedness in the field. This test would drastically lower the enrollment in the profession, which will be a huge financial burden on many schools. More so, with less students, there will be less graduates, and subsequently less workers in the field that can occupy the spas and wellness centers in California.

We urge you to contact the following legislators in order to eliminate the MBLEX and help your students become certified.

Please act now!

Senate B&P & Economic Development Committee

Senator Richard Roth, Chair – Email:

Sara Mason, Chief Consultant – Email:

Elissa Silva, Consultant – Email:

Robert Sumner, Email:

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